July 17th, 2011


Ну и опять про успехи Microsoft в области UX на Windows Phone 7

"I find the search button that takes you directly to Bing obtrusive, is there any way of de-activating it or using it for another function?"

"Most of the times, I click it accidentally"

"hate the search key ;-)"

"I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!"

"Agreed - the search key sucks. You don't search much, and you always seem to hit it by accident."

"it is extremely easy to tap the search button in particular (as I’m right-handed) bringing up an albeit handsome Bing search application, which gets annoying after a few times"

"For me that's one of the most annoying things about the phone. I hit the search button all the time.."

"Microsoft, please please remove the search button – I promise to visit bing.com at least once every day if you do"

"I swear, this is the one thing that is going to make me frisbee my phone and get something else"

"the bloody search button is wrecking my head!"

"Черсчур чувствительные сенсорные кнопки способны довести до истерики"

"Хард" клавиши (назад, домой, поиск) - сенсорные, и легко срабатывают от случайного прикосновения, сворачивая ваше приложение"

"On the Omnia 7 I do find myself accidentally hitting the search button on the front"

"Please disable the search button in WP7"

"It's almost impossible for me to hold the phone in landscape without my index finger grazing the search button"


и так далее. За полгода только эта одна кнопка достала так, что боюсь при очередном случайном нажатии аппарат напрочь растоптать, чтоб КРОВЬ КИШКИ РАСПИДАРАСИЛО