Кокоевсёзелёное (tomilin) wrote,

Introducing Enhanced Transcripts and Certificates!

1) Inactive Date – This is a big change: many of our certifications now feature an “inactive date” which signifies either that your certification is no longer in mainstream demand, that Microsoft no longer supports the product on which the certification is based, or that you have not met recertification requirements (if any). You won’t always see this field on your transcript—only if and when we’ve determined an inactive date for that certification. For affected certifications, you’ll start seeing inactive dates show up in June.

(комменты там главное, конечно)

2) The inactive status of a certification does not impact the partner requirements. Meaning if the requirement is in fact to have an MCITP: EA on staff and that certification has been deemed inactive. It still counts towards the partner requirements. It does not affect the eligibility. The partner team determines the partner status requirements and in fact maintains a separate list of those requirements from ours in many cases


Всех, кто в Microsoft сейчас занимается сертификациями (в т.ч. занимающихся упомянутым сайтом “Born To Learn”) можно уволить прямо сейчас нахрен без какого-либо ущерба MS-овской программе сертификации. Только польза будет, если этот говносайт запилить вместе со всеми унылыми генераторами скучного контента и изобретателями новых безумных правил сертификации. Верните обратно Trika, мудаки

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