Кокоевсёзелёное (tomilin) wrote,

на правах рекламы

I cant tell if its related or not yet, but after applying this update on a windows host node, ive had the node lock up at 12am each night, forcing me to reboot the physical server. 12am is when i run my backup jobs though, using vzbackup, so this may be related to that somehow. Ill see how it goes tonight...

We applied this update and all host-routed VEs stopped communicating with the network. If the VE is bridged it operates properly but we still can't administer it. Even better it's been 2 days and still no resolution. I would suggest you wait for this one to mature before applying

Thanks! I just switched a hundred containers from bridged mode to host routed mode as support tells me that there is a problem with the Virtuozzo TCP driver with bridged mode that was causing my hardware nodes to do 1-3 random blue screen dumps after rebooting. I'd be out of options if host routed was hosed.

Support would kindly tell you to remove networking support from your containers. They'd probably indicate that would benefit the security of the system as well. :^)

I had a nice night installing the 400018 patch. On the 32 bit systems it was running fine. On our 64 bit system the vzcore was gone. Anyone had similiar problems or a 64 system that could be patched without problems?

Perhaps they will come up with a wireless access controller that we can install within each container. That would work wonderfully until the first patch came out...

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